Alternatively progressive energy

Advanced Alternative Energy for the world.

Here at Alternatively Progressive Energy we have advanced Alternators, Generators and Motors beyond what was thought to be possible. From tiny to huge in size and with thousands of applications we are the new Superstars of GREEN ENERGY.

We have incorporated our advanced Generators and Alternators into many different types of machines (Also our Inventions )  that use the advanced  Alternators and Generators to increase electrical output may times over that of any conventional Alternators or Generators.

Our Equipment is revolutionizing all Alternative/Renewable Energy Fields Solar, Hydro, Wind, Electric Vehicles and beyond.

Please Join Our Fight the Blight effort.

Nature is our fuel.

Water Watts

Water Watts. Unlimited Renewable Energy from flowing Water anywhere in the World.

Water Watts has advanced Power Pontoons  to be a fantastic Alternative/Green Energy source anywhere there's flowing water both Natural or Manmade.

We have units ranging from 1 foot x 2 foot that are for camping, fishing, light use offgrid power and go up to Barge size 20 feet x 50  feet to supply 100% renewable Energy to Cities and Towns.

We have made it a "Put in the water, then plug it in deal"


Mass Wind Generators

Futuristic Clean Energy from Wind from anywhere in the World there's wind.

Here again is a Company that completely reinvented the structure of the Wind Mill/Turbine. Then we coupled Alternatively Progressive Energy's Advanced Alternators and Generators with our Advanced Designs and thus Revolutionized the whole industry.


Would you change the World if You could? Would be surprised if I told You that You can?  Would You do it if it was easy and cheap? would you do it now? We will show you how.


Next Steps...

You are the Person who controls the future of Humanity, no one tells you that. You know the decisions you make are of utmost Importance.